Blind Dog Uses Personal Seeing Eye Dog to Assist Him Around

We really don't deserve dogs...

A bundle of joyful fluff named Ginger and his brother, Kimchi, have become a viral sensation overnight, as their owner has filmed the two walking together on their travels. However, the video didn’t just become viral because they’re really cute dogs, but because Kimchi is blind and Ginger is his personal seeing eye dog. So cute! 

Even if you’re made of stone, this video will surely make your heart melt, as the two are shown walking down the stairs together, with Ginger leading very slowly, one step at a time. If this wasn’t cute enough, Ginger and Kimchi also visit students during times of stress, and travel to the hospital often to visit sick patients. The saying “we do not deserve dogs” has never been more true, as these two don’t have a bad bone in their bodies.

It really is a match made in heaven, but for these two doggos, life hasn’t always been so joyful. Poor Kimchi was found by a rescue shelter, abandoned, thin and weak. After rescuing the little spaniel pup, they discovered that he was also blind. Even though all of this shouldn’t deter people away from adopting him, it was a big struggle trying to get Kimchi adopted, as he couldn’t do every day things, like go for walks and play with other dogs easily. 

However, after a few years, Kimchi’s big day came and he was adopted into a family who owned a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, named Ginger. It was as if the two were destined to be together, as they are now inseparable. Although the dogs’ owners, Eric and Thea, own another golden retriever called T-Bone, Ginger was the one who got to choose which puppy they took home that day. 

Apparently Ginger didn’t get on too well with the other pooches at the shelter, but the minute he saw Kimchi, that all changed. Ginger never planned on becoming a seeing eye dog for his new friend, but when his owners one day decided to tie Kimchi to Ginger’s lead so that he wouldn’t run off, Ginger naturally started to lead Kimchi around. 

It was a heartwarming moment for his owners to see, as he began waiting patiently for Kimchi, and tried his best to help him around. I can’t believe how amazing dogs are and these two are just the icing on the cake.

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