Awful Leaked Louis CK Set Shows CK Pandering to Alt Right With Anti Parkland Survivor Material

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Louis CK has gotten away with masturbating and trying to silence women for pretty much his entire career, so I’m sure the sudden presence of any consequence threw him off. When the exposé in the New York Times at the end of 2017 landed, he expressed his desire to sit back and listen. However, after a leaked audio set of Louis CK doing an hour of new material that can only be described as hateful and alt right, something that many have compared to the baked over ramblings of a racist uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, it shows that CK is now pandering to the only audience that will have him.

The set can best be summarized in this viral clip, posted by comedy writer Jack Allison, where CK expresses his opinion that kids shouldn’t be able to express different genders, that being called they/them is like wanting to be called a place, and then, in pure kiss ass to the same kind of far right figureheads that support the rights of a gun over the rights of a child in a school shooting, went after the Parkland shooting survivors, such as David Hogg, saying no one should listen to them because they’re kids. Check out the clip below.

The entire set — which clocks in at 49 minutes is top to bottom just either questionable material or alt right material. Louis CK mocks the mentally ill in a set that begins with how the word “retarded” should be okay to say. He lets homophobic slurs fly freely and talks about how bullying isn’t a big deal. A swath of the set theorizes about which races have what sized dicks, and then calling every Asian cis man with a penis actually a woman with a giant clit.

The beginning of the set does the same “poor me” material that’s been reported on earlier, where he complains about losing thirty five million dollars — money no one certainly should feel entitled to — and compares his plight of feeling consequence for publicly masturbating to that of a person in a concentration camp.

He also talks about how sex is best when it feels wrong, which certainly doesn’t seem like a great thing for the second name that comes to mind when you think of offenders of the #MeToo movement. The set can be easily found by googling “new Louis CK set”.

The embracing of the alt right has been easily met. Of course, the alt right will embrace anyone foolish enough to pander to them. A scroll through Twitter shows an audience with Pepe the Frog avatars and views supporting Brett Kavanaugh embracing this man.


It’s all so weird. Louis CK went from being the next great director to being a bargain basement Fox News style hack. His return from his fall would have been so easy. All anyone wanted was to see him discuss what happened in an open way. Instead– reportedly like Aziz Ansari — he chose to channel his rage at being called out by trying not to be a good comedian or a good person — but by focusing on being loved.

His old fans may have temporarily pushed Louis CK out of the limelight, but it was CK who made sure no one would want to take him back.

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