Bachelorette Contestant Shows Up to Meet Clare Crawley in a Straight Jacket

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For months, Bachelor Nation has been waiting for the much anticipated “most dramatic” season of ‘The Bachelorette.’ After the last couple of seasons of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ ending with unexpected heartbreaks and immature shenanigans, the minds behind the show hope casting Clare Crawley as the Bachelorette will add a more mature aspect to the show.

Although Crawley, 39, will be the oldest Bachelorette in the show’s history, her age and experience – especially on past Bachelor shows – has allowed her to become confident with herself and know what she wants. However, the corona virus posed a threat to finding the man of her dreams, but the Bachelor producers found a way for Crawley to finally have her love story.

Instead of filming at the Bachelor Mansion in Los Angeles, the producers and crew created a COVID-19 free bubble at La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs. When arriving at La Quinta, everyone was forced to quarantine for several days as they waited for their two COVID test results. Once the tests came back negative, the contestants were no longer forced to wear masks and were able to hug and touch other human beings.

Notable Entrances

With everyone being COVID free, the normal process and show of the Bachelorette was able to begin – starting with meeting the men.

As the men stepped out of the limo, many Twitter users were particularly amused by one contestant, Jay, who entered wearing a straight jacket as he claims “waiting over 100 days to meet Clare has made him go crazy.” But some fans were even more amused by Jay continuing to wear the jacket throughout the entire episode.


Another potential suitor who sparked some memes was Bennett who entered with his Rolls Royce while wearing an expensive scarf. Because of his snobby first impression, most are comparing him to cocky movie villains such as Gaston and Lord Farquad.


Clare Thinks She Met Her Husband

Crawley may have an interesting group of men, but she is most intrigued by one particular man – Dale Moss. With just one 2 minute encounter with Moss, Crawley is shaken and tells the host Chris Harrison that she already found her future husband. This is the first time in Bachelor history that on night one with just a “hello” a bachelor or bachelorette already knows who they are going to end up with. However, Bachelor Nation waited a very long time for a show, and the producers are going to give them one.

After meeting most of the 31 men, Crawley still has her eyes on Dale Moss leading him to get the first impression rose.

Crawley’s infatuation with Moss has led many to suggest that she is not giving the other men a fair chance.

Crawley may be most smitten over Moss, but Bachelor Nation is obsessed with a different contestant – Blake Moynes. Moynes stood out to Crawley as during quarantine Moynes broke a Bachelor rule by messaging Crawley before the show to check in while she was going through a rough time, and this meant a lot to Clare. Because Moynes is an early fan favorite, many are arguing that he deserved the first impression rose over Moss.


From exotic entrances to dreamy men, the first night seemed to go smoothly for Crawley except for two bumps in the road – Tyler C and Yousef. When seeing the name Tyler C, some may think of Bachelor Nation’s fan favorite and runner-up Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette, but this Tyler C could not be more different.

Tyler C from this season arrived in his rusty station wagon – a contrast to Bennett’s Rolls Royce – and seemed like a down-to-earth nice guy. However, Bachelor fans are upset that he brought drama into Crawley’s special night.


While waiting for filming to start, Tyler C said that a mutual friend shared flirty messages from contestant Yousef while preparing to meet Clare. Tyler C decided to take Yousef aside and bring up the allegations to put it to rest, but Yousef decided to bring the issue to Crawley. Crawley was then forced to sit down and listen to the two sides, but unlike the leads before her, she cut them short and left to talk to other men.

The early drama has led Tyler C and Yousef to transform into TV villains.

During the rose ceremony, fans were on the edges of their seats hoping Crawley sends Yousef and Tyler C home, but like most Bachelorette rose ceremonies, they need to keep a villain for entertainment purposes. However, Crawley sent home one of the two villains – Tyler C – but fans do not think she made the right decision in keeping Yousef.

Even though the first night may have seemed perfect, aside from the drama, rumors and previews hint that there is a lot more drama coming.

While the show was filming, it was leaked that Crawley quit the show as she is only interested in Dale Moss. Because Crawley’s journey supposedly ends early, the Bachelor producers are rumored to bring in Tayshia Adams from Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ to become the new Bachelorette for the rest of the season, but we are going to have to tune in to the next couple of weeks to see if the rumors are true.

Will Clare get the happy ending she’s been waiting for? Who is your favorite so far?

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