Bart Baker Returns As Lil’ Kloroxxx with Shocking Back to the Future Inspired, Trap Infused, “Prom Queen”

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Bart Baker’s rap persona, the mischievous soul known only by the cleaning product inspired moniker Lil’ Kloroxxx, is back with a new single. Lil’ Kloroxxx had a hit earlier this summer with the World Star Hip Hop exclusive “Popper”, and now he’s back, taking the place of Back to the Future’s Marty McFly in the trap music inspired: “Prom Queen”.

Lil’ Kloroxxx, dressed in his best George McFly threads, proceeds to parody the famous scene where Marty McFly plays rock and roll to try to get his parents to fall in love as his fingers disappear in front of him. Only look — this is 1985 anymore. It’s time to do something a little more modern, all right? With that in mind, Lil’ Kloroxxx proceeds to play trap music. Only while McFly wanted to get his parents back together, Lil’ Kloroxxx wants to split this prom couple apart and steal the girl! He’s using music yet unheard by the people of the 1950’s for evil! Lil’ Kloroxxx! What the heck!

The video ends with Lil Kloroxxx punching the prom king and knocking off his prom crown. The prom queen then bends down– seemingly to pick up her beat up date, but really it’s just to pick up the crown and hand it to Kloroxxx. Kloroxxx has won with the power of Trap Music. I only hope he is a fair and benevolent prom king.

The parody is fantastic, and even includes a return of one of the most underrated characters in the cinematic pantheon: Marvin Berry! Chuck Berry’s cousin! Marvin, let your brother invent rock and roll in peace and quit calling him so much! Yeesh!

The song can be purchased on iTunes here or streamed on Spotify here.

What do you think of the video? Did Lil’ Kloroxxx go to far? Will adults, in the long run, not get trap music, but their kids are going to love it?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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