Bella Thorne Abuses OnlyFans And Ruins It For Everyone

Look who's still shaking things up...
By Liana Bernstein

Bella Thorne was trending on Twitter today. Why, may you ask? For abusing OnlyFans by releasing a $200 worth pay per view photo that she claimed was fully nude. The photo was in fact not what she said it was, and it is having a very real consequence on OnlyFans creators who rely on the platform for their livelihood.

The Scam

Bella Thorne announced that she would be joining OnlyFans in an Instagram post on August 19th. The platform is a content subscription service where creators get paid for their monthly subscriptions as well as for their content. The layout is similar to Instagram, and creators can post any kind of content, but it skews more towards sex work. Creators are also allowed to create exclusive content for an individual subscriber as well as interact with them privately via in-app messages. The app has become especially popular during the coronavirus lockdown as it is a feasible revenue of income that can be done remote. 

Since joining OnlyFans on August 19th, Thorne has claimed to have made $2 million using the app already. And that was from non-pornographic content. Earlier this week, Thorne took to Twitter to state that she wasn’t going to be using her OnlyFans to post nude photos. 

So everyone was surprised last night when Bella Thorne promised subscribers nude photos for $200. But why not pay $200, it’s not like she didn’t post her own nudes on the internet before..oh wait…

There are rumors that the post promoting the nude photo came from a spam account, but that has yet to be confirmed or denied. 

The Consequences

When OnlyFans subscribers only received a lingerie photo that implied nudity, they demanded refunds. But this seems to have caused damage within OnlyFans, and although statements to press say otherwise, it seems like the app can not handle the volume of refunds. The app has since instated a “tip limit,” which caps how much a subscriber can tip a creator. Now you can no longer pay more than $100 for a tip. They also changed how often creators get paid, which is now every 30 days instead of  every seven days. You can see why creators would be mad. 

A spokesperson from OnlyFans stated to Rolling Stones, “transaction limits are set to help prevent overspending and to allow our users to continue to use the site safely. We value all of the feedback received since this change was implemented and we will continue to review these limits.” But it’s interesting how these changes were made directly after Bella’s scam took place. 

Why Sex Workers Are Upset

OnlyFans sex workers are enraged to say the least.

CW: Offensive language


OF really said get fvcked to ALL its creators. This goes for ALL creators, not just SWers

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And can you really blame them?  With around 16.3 million people in the U.S. unemployed in June, money is tight to say the least. Not only that, but with COVID-19, many are hesitant about taking an in-person job at the moment. As a result many people are turning to sex work. 

Additionally, those who were sex workers before COVID-19 are now being limited to virtual sex work, such as OnlyFans. And many people like Bella Thorne, who are just using the platform for fun, do not seem to understand that for many, this is their only way of earning money right now. 

Back To The Bella Scam

Despite what OnlyFans officials are saying, Bella Thorne is definitely getting blamed for OnlyFans tip limit change.

There are many people who have a hard time getting behind Bella. She has had countless relationship scandals and personal drama in the media. This isn’t all her fault, but it also doesn’t really help her case. It’s also hard when she is constantly being compared to her Disney Channel counterpart, Zendaya. 

And then there are some people who just think OnlyFans as a whole is one big scam. 

So what seems to have been all fun and games for Bella Thorne is turning out to have some very real consequences for sex workers. Are you still a Bella Thorne fan? And how do you feel about OnlyFans as a platform? Do you think they changed their policies because of Bella Thorne’s nude scam?