Bethany Mota Claps Back at Haters With Tweet Compilation Song

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Youtube star Bethany Mota has broken her non-posting streak just yesterday when she uploaded a video of herself combining hate comments into a song. During a Q&A in the same vlog, a Twitter user asked Bethany if she had any upcoming music on the horizon. In a shameless self-plug, Mota stated, “I haven’t put out any music in a long time, but … since I’ve been using all of your guys’ really sweet questions that you tweeted me, I figured that I should probably also use some of the negative things that I’ve gotten.”

As she pulled out her ukelele, Mota started off by stating her musical skills were far inferior to that of Colleen Ballinger, (aka Miranda Sings), but she held her own. The song was revealing, and the two most oft repeated insults, “U suck” and “Ur so annoying,”, served as the chorus of the song.

Mota sang with a smile from ear to ear as she read other comments making fun of her weight, her left eyebrow, and her lack of uploading and decrease in views. One tweet in particular read: “What the fuck happened to you…… you look waaaayyyy more fat and ugly… sorry for teeling [sic!!!] that,” and Mota read it just as it was written, typos and all, showing that the haters aren’t perfect either. However, at the end of the song, Mota joined in with the haters and poked fun at herself. She sang about how she overthinks everything and wears cute clothes for Instagram, but when in public, lives in sweatpants (we all do, don’t we?). Finishing off the song, she sang, “So I guess the point is, I’m just perfectly imperfect.”

Mota’s message can be helpful to everyone because at one point or another in our lives, we are all judged and made fun of. Although this is a fun and silly video, Bethany shows that she isn’t perfect but at the end of the day, is content with who she is. She even received positive feedback on the song. Way to come back in style, Bethany!


What do you think of Bethany’s song? Do you have haters you wish you could mock? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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