Beyoncé Shocks the Internet by Releasing Juneteenth Sensation

This Juneteenth, Beyoncé released her new song “Black Parade"
By Jessie Zeng
Beyonce Black Parade

This Juneteenth, Beyoncé released her new song “Black Parade”, which surprised her fans and the whole internet. In just a day, “Black Parade” has gained more than one MILLION views and almost 10, 000 comments. It is now number 3 trending on YouTube. Through releasing this song, Beyoncé sent out a powerful message. Just like what she wrote on her website,  “black excellence is a form of protest. Black joy is your right”.

Beyoncé Black Parade

The name Black Parade also symbolizes her new project to support black-owned businesses. She mentioned on her Instagram that “‘Black Parade’ celebrates you, your voice and your joy and will benefit Black-owned small businesses. ” 


As a role model, Beyoncé has actively spoken up for justice and supported the black community in the past and now is no exception. The lyrics of her latest song reference black history, the current pandemic and police brutality. By doing so, she hopes that people remember the history, recognize the wrongdoings, and make a change. This is evident in her lyrics as she sings “need peace and reparation for my people.” 

Beyoncé Black Parade


While some might question this release as a ploy to get attention, overall, the internet reacted positively to this new song.  For example, Shanita Hubbard, the chair of NABJ, responded by saying “somebody please go tell Beyoncé how good she makes black women feel!”


Besides, one fan said: “Beyoncé is sharing a beautiful message about black history and culture through her music during a time we all need it most. A queen.” Indeed, standing up as a role model, Beyoncé definitely conveys an incredibly powerful message through this song. Her brave move will encourage more people to join the fight for justice and equality. In a turmoil time like this, Beyoncé rises up as a leader and brings the rays of hope and sunshine to people’s lives. 


In case you haven’t listened to the song, here’s the link: 

If you would like to support the black-owned business, here’s the link:


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