Bill Cosby Pelted With Stale Hot Dog Bun On First Day In Prison

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Look, I’m no fancy law man. I’m no expert in the penal system in the United States of America, I’m no super smart lawyer guy who looks at the lawyer facts and then discusses the lawyer facts with other people who know the lawyer facts, but I do know this: Bill Cosby, on his first day in prison after being sentenced to 3-10 years, has been pelted with a stale hot dog bun.

The hot dog bun pelting came from a fellow prisoner who chucked the hot dog bun at Bill Cosby’s bad as part of his introduction into the prison system, according to Radar Online. Additionally Bill Cosby fell down the stairs due to his blindness and not having his cane on him, as the cane was taken away due to forces fearing he would commit self harm.

This was all heard by a source on a phone call between Bill Cosby and his wife, and said reportedly, “Grab the checkbook and hire anyone and everyone’ who could get him out as soon as possible.”

So there you go. Bill Cosby, serial rapist, pelted with hot dog bread.

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