Billie Eilish URGES Rude Impersonators to STOP Trying to be Her After Mall Prank and More!!

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Billie took to socials to slam a lot of people who were trying to be her! Billie said she is really upset that people keep to be her in public and it’s creating a bad look for her and it’s really unsafe! Billie has been sweeping the nation lately and although she’s grateful for the success and admirers , she’s asking fans and creators to stop impersonating her

If you haven’t heard of Billie Eilish you might be living under a rock. The singer recently swept the top four categories at the Grammy’s including Song of the Year and Grammy Record of the Year for Bad Guy, Best New Artist, and Album of the Year for Where Do We go When We Fall Asleep And if you thought she was stopping there think again. Billie is currently gearing up to hit the stage for the upcoming Oscars and is even recording the new 007 track for the upcoming movie “No Time To Die.”

Now it’s pretty clear everyone has been going head over heels for billie and her rapid success and for the most part fans and artists are taking to social to congratulate her on all her current accomplishments. However, with all that success it also brings some online haters and impersonators.

As part of billies success, she’s gained a massive 51 million followers in less than three years, and with that, massive opportunities like Coachella and the Grammys. Unfortunately, it’s also brought a few impersonators.

Recently it’s gotten to the point where Billie has publicly asked fans to stop impersonating her, taking to social media to express her concerns and frustrations. Billies concerned impersonating her has creating dangerous environments for fans by gathering crowds, and in addition, the star also said she’s offended by some of the bad fashion choices. Billie even posted these pictures to her stories telling fans to please stop and that it is disrespectful. Not just because those socks were NOT cute, but also because people were hyped up and let down for someone who wasn’t actually her.

From imposters hiring fake security and even gathering crowds outside limos, fans were really convinced they were coming face to face with their icon.


In one incident, this acrobat even dressed as billie at the Santa Monica pier and had fans convinced it was her, that is, until there were some crazy flips involved. From a lot of these incidents, many fans have said they genuinely do love Billie and wanted to pay homage, but acknowledge they crossed a line and have directly reached out to billie personally to apologize.

Billie just turned 18 and she’s had a lot going on for someone her age. She’s currently the youngest artist to win so many awards and sweep the Grammys and In her speech (one of 4) , she mentioned that she thinks that Ariana Grande should have won album of the year. As a closing note for her speech she even asked fans not to give any hate to her and that is genuinely a big big fan of all of the other artists who were up for the awards.

Overall, we are very excited to see what the singer does for the Oscars as she truly knocked one out of the park with her big wins and performance at the Grammys.

So what do you think of everything? Do you think it is dangerous for people to be impersonating the popular star?

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