Biology Student Teaches Twitter About Animal Cells Using BTS Members

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It’s always difficult studying for a test and trying to remember all the key terms and language used in text books, especially when you’re studying such a complex subject like biology. However, for biology student, @khaleesidiane, she figured out a way to learn the different components of animal cells, by pairing them up with members of BTS.

You may be thinking, how do BTS and animal cells have anything in common? Well, Diane figured the animal cell components all have different roles in their jobs, as do the members of the band. So, she paired them together, and voilà, you have an interesting lesson in science, that will be sure to get you an A+ on that test!

A creative and academic genius in the making. Not only did she teach herself a lesson in science, but it also helped out many other people. Some found it fun to read, others found in comical, and for others, it was the life saver they needed to get through school…


Although this all originally started because Diane was missing BTS, since they hadn’t tweeted in six days, I think she’s really caught on to something here. It’s a method that could be used with any subject, with any band. And if you don’t have any revision, but are still missing BTS, people are also comparing members to types of refrigerators!


It’s all about balance!

Do you think Diane’s revision method is a winner? Who’s your favourite member of BTS? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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