BlockChain Report 10/4: South Korea, The Clintons, And More

On today's episode of the BlockChain Report, with your host, Taylor Nikolai -- South Korea, The Clintons, and more!
By Alex Firer

On today’s episode of the BlockChain Report, with your host, Taylor Nikolai — South Korea, The Clintons, and more!

According to Cointelegraph, former U.S. president Bill Clinton said at a Ripple conference in San Francisco that “permutations and possibilities of blockchain technology are staggeringly great.” Clinton said that crypto’s ability to go across national borders and income groups leads to great potential.

Next up, South Korea’s largest venture firm has backed its first blockchain startup! Korean Investment Partners, or KIP, is the largest venture capital firm in South Korea. According to Coindesk, they’ve stated they’re investing in Temco, a blockchain startup that aims to address the supply chain industry for small and medium sized businesses.

Next on The Blockchain Report, two organizations have decided to partner up to help progress blockchain.

According to Cointelegraph, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, or EEA, as well as Hyperledger, announced that they would be joining each other’s organizations as “Associate Members”. These two guys joining forces is a big deal, because they hope that it leads to working together on a lot of things. In a join blog post, they stated: “This will enable more active and mutual cross-community collaboration through event participation, connecting with other members, and finding ways for our respective efforts to be complementary and compatible.”

Coinbase’s team continues to grow. Charles Schwab advisor Chris Dodds has been added to its board of directors, and former Instinet CEO Jonathan Kellner has been added as the new managing director of the Institutional Coverage Group. Coindesk reports the move will support Coinbase’s efforts to launch institutional products using cryptocurrencies as a “fully-fledged, tradeable asset class.”

A major Chinese tech magazine has added Bitcoin as a payment option According to Cointelegraph, Beijing Sci-Tech Report, or BSTR, has announced it will offer subscriptions payable with Bitcoin. This is a rare thing in China, where the government of China doesn’t take too kindly to crypto… to say the least.

The Chinese government has heavily clamped down on ICOs and crypto exchanges in the last year. BSTR wants to promote blockchain in a “practical” manner. See, it’s technically not illegal to own cryptocurrency in China.

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