Blockchain Report: Etherium, Fidelity, Alvin Roth and More

Check out the Blockchain Report, the Cryptocurrency news show with host Taylor Nikolai. Today we cover Etherium, Fidelity investing in crypto, Alvin Roth's association with crypto, and more.
By Alex Firer

Hear ye, hear ye! Are you a cryptocurrency super genius, investing in a vast variety of coins with names both intriguing and mysterious? Are you the sort of so and so who has never owned a crypto coin but wants to learn more? Well, have no fear, Taylor Nikolai is here with his daily show, The Blockchain Report, here to give you the daily deal on crypto currency.

Up first is Etherium, a crypto which experts think could rise again from its slump from earlier days. However, threats to it include a challenging technical picture, and the trends do show it doing worse rather than better. Opera, the internet browser, has updated to use Etherium support with transaction, so get ready to download that fifth most popular browser to support their support of cryptocurrency. Fidelity Investments is showing interests in crypto and blockchain technology, a rare move for a traditional 72 year old bank. Plus — cryptocurrencies attaching themselves to Nobel laureates like Alvin Roth!? It’s true!

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