“Elderly” White Woman in Wheelchair STABS Protestors at Target in Minneapolis Riots

She literally had a knife

A lot of protests have been happening all across the nation after the injustice murder of George Floyd from looting shopping areas and more. And now this viral clip of a woman in a wheelchair stabbing black people at a riot has surfaced. 

This disturbing video has emerged online of a woman being punched in the head and sprayed with a fire extinguisher in Minneapolis after reportedly trying to stop looters during the riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Many videos online show the woman being sprayed in the face by a mob of people as she sits in her chair, but there are a lot of details people are missing. 

Oh yeah, there’s actually a big detail here to start. She had a knife. In the video, the woman apparently named Jennifer wore a shirt that read “better together” said she was trying to “stop” a group of people from looting a Target store when she was attacked by the crowd. One protestor even hit her in the back of the head several times before the fire extinguisher was set on her. 

One user wrote” This is the racism a lot of white people will use in the coming days. In the original video you find out this woman had a knife and was stabbing people. But they are muting this video so they can make it seem like a group of black people attacked a disabled woman for no reason.”

And the thing is this Twitter user is right. A lot of the clips online tried to cover up the original video taken on snapchat with the caption. 

The clip with the text “she stabbing people” was scrubbed from some social media posts to make it look as though black people were intentionally attacking her first. The woman was examined by paramedics and was told that she just needed to go home. This clip also surfaced of her trying to play victim of the scenario. 

One user wrote: It’s absolutely chilling how this white woman Jennifer can put on such a compelling show of victimhood to get sympathy when moments earlier she was stabbing a bunch of black people at Target and even lunging out of her wheelchair. This is Karen’s violence.

The internet is divided on this story seeing that there are so many videos of her surfacing. But let’s not forget that she had a knife and she was trying to stab people in the beginning. Oh, and that she can walk just fine?!

One tweet said: This JENNIFER IS THAT ENOUGH lady grabbed a knife, hopped on an electric wheelchair, and drove prepared to lay her life down for her local target The weirdest part is….she can walk just fine?!?

This is all very confusing to me but if she indeed was the one who started all of this by attempting to stab protestors, many are agreeing that the fire extinguishers and other items thrown at her were in self defense.