“Karen” Videos Take Over TikTok and More After Racist Woman Incident In Central Park

Is Karen the new "Okay boomer?"

If you haven’t heard of the central park Karen named Amy Cooper, she and many other “Karen’s across the internet have caused some issues throughout the pandemic. And in Amy’s case, she was fired due to her incident. 

Okay so the pandemic has been a bit stressful for all of us and brought us some severe tension in our lives. This statement hits a little different for some, but we have seen a lot of Karen’s on the internet wreak havoc to society with some of their behavior. 

Okay just to back it up, if you don’t know what a Karen is, it’s basically become a slang term for someone who gives you the “I want to speak to your manager” vibes. Continuing. 

In a popular viral and very racist video, a white woman named Karen Cooper lashed out at an African American male for doing absolutely nothing. The man, Christian Cooper, an avid birder, asked Amy to leash her dog in Central Park, as the rules required. She refused.

Then the encounter, which was recorded on video, took an ugly turn.

As he filmed on his phone, the woman, clutching her thrashing dog, called the police, her voice rising in hysteria.

From this incident, Amy was actually fired from her job and she has been asking the internet to stop ruining her life. 

The video, posted to Twitter on Memorial Day by Mr. Cooper’s sister has been viewed more than 42 million times, touching off intense discussions about the history of false accusations made to the police against black people, sometimes putting their lives in danger. Amy gave up her dog that she seemingly strangled in the video as well. 

In this time of what we are suppose to be staying at home, people have been having their own run ins with other Karens of the world. Or, posting their run ins to these entitled women on TikTok. 

From refusing to give up parking spots and sitting on people’s cars… or even getting mad at a driver for stopping at the cross walk at an intersection… these people have lost their marbles. 

One Karen was so upset that she actually wrote about her experience being a Karen. In an article with Newsweek, mom Karen Nelson said she was TIRED of the Karen memes saying and she thinks to herself “is that something a “Karen” would do?” She claims that even the nicest people in the world have a Karen moment here or there though.