Teen Blames RACIST Boyfriend for Viral TikTok and Wants Left ALONE

This isn't a good look no matter who you blame it on


So it looks like two teens on the internet are begging the internet to stop contacting their potential colleges after they upload a horrendous, racist video online. Go figure right?

Okay so if you didn’t hear about this or even see this video circulate on the internet, last week two high school students ended up being expelled due to this video they uploaded online. The video, which was uploaded onto the popular platform TikTok.

A lot of people knew who these two were and called them out by name. People did not hold back online and it was very apparent. The popular tweet that called them out said “Okay I know this probably isn’t going to get a lot of views but I just thought I’d show everyone how racist the kids at my school are. The girl’s name is Stephanie Freeman and she’s a senior at Carrollton High School.”

Basically, the teens in question were Stephanie Freeman and Jeffrey Hume. Their classmate at their Georgia high school was quick to expose the two and flagged down these racist comments. 

But it didn’t stop there because of course when does the internet stop? Also can we play the video in it’s context?

So the girl in the video, Stephanie Freeman, is now taking to her own social media to basically make a plea deal. 

She has been very angry about the entire situation and overall claims she has gotten death threats after being even expelled from her high school due to the incident. 

She posted on an instagram story saying  “I want to apologize for the abhorrent video I posted,” She went on to blame her racist actions on Hume, whom she said “slowly normalized his racism” with her. “I believe blacks are human too, made in the image of Christ. I have disappointed (sic) God and I want to apologize. Please don’t contact my college, it’s my future and one mistake should not ruin a life. Also please stop with the death threats.”

In the final post shared online, the teen appears to have lost her patience. “For the love of God, stop sharing the video and my name and picture,” she wrote. “You do not know what this feels like. I’ve never been this scared. It just isn’t fair. Imagine you’re a stupid teenager just going along with stupid teenager stuff and then your life gets ruined. Forever. People not caring what’s in your heart or what you’re really like. Only defining you by a stupid video. Please, please stop sharing!”

Some users tweeted things like “She’s never been this scared? I can imagine the Black people in her community being scared as well that people like her are their neighbors and live in society today in 2020.” Another said “We all make mistakes. Sometimes ya say really shit things and you grow and you learn, but sometimes you have to face the consequences.” And lastly we have  “Also like try not be racist. Try not to be dumb. Don’t be racist and DUMB enough to post it on the internet. That’s the moral of the story.” 

Hume’s profile reflected something similar, which has now been deleted? But these screenshots say things like “Ya’ll have ruined my entire life, what’s wrong with you people.” and even “I worked so hard for my wrestling career and now a blink of an eye it’s gone.”

As the repercussions from the video continue to pile up, Freeman has attempted to shield herself by making her Instagram private and by changing her TikTok handle. Hume has taken similar measures.