Again, #FreeBritney

Just last week, the New York Times released a documentary about the infamous “Free Britney” movement, in which people rallied behind Britney Spears and the state of her conservatorship.

The film, titled ‘Framing Britney Spears,’ follows different people, including celebrities, who shared their perspectives on Britney’s circumstances. Many fans and celebrities have taken to Twitter to show their support for Britney after the documentary shared some deeper insight than what the public had access to before.
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#FreeBritney Background

For those of you who do not know, the #FreeBritney movement followed after Britney’s father, Jamie Spears became in control of her estate and medical decisions in 2007 after her divorce and public fiasco (shaving her head, taking an umbrella to a windshield, etc) deemed her unable to make financial and medical decisions for herself, let alone her kids to whom she lost custody of. Since that infamous time, her personal life and business capitol have been at the mercy of her father.

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Britney Spears has attempted to win back her life in court, but was unfortunately lost the case against her Jamie, who continues to be her co-conservator along with the Bessemer Trust Company.

Fans who disagree with the courts’ decision have rallied on social media with the hashtag #FreeBritney, to raise awareness about her circumstances.

Celebrities on Social Media 

Hollywood celebrities who watched, ‘Framing Britney Spears,’ have grown concerned over Britney’s health and her estate. They took to social media to show their support and use their platforms to share the circumstances with their followers.

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Valerie Bertinelli, television actress and cooking show host, felt urged by the documentary to share her support for Britney on Twitter with her over 300 thousand followers. Her post said, “#FramingBritneySpears is a gut punch. So many horrible men/leeches in her life…” and goes on to list the many men in Spears’ life who have been under public scrutiny since the documentary’s launch on February 5th, 2021. 

Talk show host, Tamaron Hall, tweeted out, “Finally watched the “Framing of Britney Spears” on Hulu. It’s an understatement to call it heartbreaking. #FreeBritney.”

13 Reasons Why actor, Dylan Minnette, stood behind Britney Spears retweeting a post from The Regrettes saying, “i’ve been britney obsessed since the womb and watching that doc was so scary and upsetting. i saw her twice during her residency in vegas having no idea this was going on. fuck everyone who criminalized her for being a woman struggling with mental health. disgusting #freebritney

Voice champion and singer, Cassidy Pope, also spread support tweeting out, “For the love of God, #FreeBritney

Her Fans Stand Behind Her

Celebs were not the first ones to go on Twitter, but it was her fans who have cried “Free Britney” since 2007 that reaffirmed their support for her.

Curtis Kimberlin Jr wrote, “Finally watching the Britney Spears doc and it’s hard not to cry. It’s nothing we didn’t know but it’s so incredibly upsetting. #FreeBritney

Twitter User, Kellie Robinson brought a little humor to the sad situation with her tweet that read, “5 min into Britney Spears doc and IM YELLING #FreeBritney.”

Nina on Twitter reflected on past experiences including Amy Winehouse, citing that we should take the opportunity to help Britney while we have it, writing, “We always look at celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, wishing we were nicer or wishing we knew the whole story. As a society we have a chance to help Britney Spears and hopefully hear her truth before it’s too late. She just needs to be free. #FreeBritney.”

Megan Radford has been an avid supporter of #FreeBritney posting this tweet that reads, “The #FreeBritney movement has often been exhausting for me, regardless of how passionate I am. I’ve always said “If I’m exhausted, imagine how exhausted B is.”

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Today I thought, “If I’m overwhelmed by the love, imagine how overwhelmed by the love B is.” Wow. #FramingBritneySpears.” The photo shows Britney supporters holding upon posters with various supportive statements. 


‘Framing Britney,’ has opened people’s eyes to the issues at hand for Britney Spears. The courts may have failed her, but that does not mean her fans and supporters won’t stop fighting for her. We will wait to see if the documentary changes the minds of those in charge of her estate and will help her case against her father.