#FreeBritney trends and Spears is failed by justice...

Britney Spears took her father to court over conservatorship of her estate and lost this week. Her father, Jamie Spears, has been in control of Britney’s finances and business dealings since 2008, after Britney was ruled to not be in a mental state to make decisions for her self. The now 38 year-old pop icon told her lawyers, according to BBC, that she was “afraid” of her father and it hindered her from taking more performance roles, while Jamie Spears’ lawyers believed that he had been doing what he believed was best for Spears. It was settled that Jamie would take a ‘co-conservator’ role along with Bessemer Trust, a financial company, to take some of the power away from Jamie. This was not the outcome Britney was hoping for but did ease a little tension surrounding the future of her estate and the potential to one say have Jamie completely removed from his role.

How It All Started

Following Britney Spears’ divorce from then husband, Kevin Federline, in 2007, Spears began to spiral into unhealthy actions and lost custody of both of her children. You may remember when Britney was found by papporazi shaving her head bald in a local salon, to then attack a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella or perhaps the thousands of memes that have circulated because of the scene. Many claims of drug use came to wind on the internet, and soon Spears’ estate went into the hands of her father, when she was deemed ‘too mentally ill’ to take care of herself and her finances.

Over 12 years later, her father has somehow helped the former Mickey Mouse club star, out from debt and create a $60 million empire. He used this argument to prove that he was working in Spears’ best interest, despite the two not having had a relationship in several years as advised by her attorney. Britney admitted that the decision to give her estate to her father may have correct move to make in the early aughts in the midst of the chaos that her life was, but now in 2020, she is ready to take control of her life again.

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Since 2009, ‘Free Britney’ has been a group of Britney Spears’ biggest fans that have come together to rule against the conservatorship put in place. It started as a website, but over the years and thanks to social media, has created a large presence from the hashtag #freebritney. It brings awareness to the fact that a woman who is in stable mental health should not be completely controlled by an estranged family member. #FreeBritney fans are passionate on Twitter and are fighting to see justice for Britney Spears.

This fan account is quick to point out that Jamie Spears looks to only be interested in the well-being of Britney’s finances.

Many are calling the court-rulings against Britney, ableism, and bringing their own stories to the table to help bring Britney’s into perspective.

Some Britney fans even went as far as to protest the conservatorship outside of the Los Angeles courthouse.


Other Twitter users have also found the scenario Britney is in, disappointing and wrong.

This Twitter user feels like Britney Spears has been used time and time again.

The Final Verdict

While today may have not been the ideal way Britney Spears wanted it to go in the courtroom, the Judge is not down with the final verdict. The judge has told Spears’ attorneys that they will consider removing Jamie Spears from the power of conservatorship of her estate in the future, as for now, they have granted co-conservatorship to Bessemer Trust. We will wait to see if Britney Spears will get justice after 12 years of no control in her personal and professional life and if Jamie Spears backs down per his daughter’s wishes.

What do you think? Do you believe Britney is stable enough to have control over her life? Has her father done the right thing? Let us know in the comments!