Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler ARRESTED?!

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TikTok stars and members of the Sway House, Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler, found themselves in a bit of trouble on Monday. While on a road trip in Texas, the pair were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Hossler was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance. Both have posted bail and since been released.

But not before the internet went into a frenzy! Footage of the two being arrested was posted on TikTok and Twitter early this morning, spreading the word to their fans. This caused a plethora of reactions, with some fans tweeting #FreeBryce and #FreeJaden and pleading with the authorities. Others found humor in the situation, and compared it to the TikTok mugshot trend that swept the platform recently.

Some fans are coming up with their own theories about the situation, saying that Bryce Hall took the blame for Sway House member Josh Richards. Richards is Canadian and fans are under the impression that if he had gotten arrested, he would’ve been deported, so Bryce was just being a good friend by taking the blame.

Hard to say what really happened, but we can’t wait to see the TikTok content that comes out of this!


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