A quarter-pounder McDonald's meal is taking over...

It seems like fans of McDonalds and Travis Scott may be getting goosebumps every time they pull up to the drive-thru now. 

The popular fast-food chain and “SICKO MODE” rapper have teamed up to offer customers the opportunity to purchase Scott’s go-to meal. It’s something that the hip-hop star likes to call the “Cactus Jack Special.”

And while this came as a surprise to people across the internet, it is also unlike the company to collaborate with a celebrity. In fact, this partnership marks the first time McDonald’s has worked with a public figure for a promotion since Michael Jordan in 1992. And the only people loving this concept more than the army of Scott’s fans is the internet. 

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The brand new meal was unveiled to the public through Travis Scott’s Twitter account on Tuesday. At first, social media users were confused about what “Cactus Jack” and McDonald’s were doing in the same sentence. But within a short amount of time, it seemed to be the only thing that the internet was talking about. 

Originally, Scott decided to tweet a photo of himself serving what he referenced as a “Cactus Pack.” The pack includes a quarter pounder with cheese, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice. Fans immediately started retweeting and sharing the image across social media, making it trend on Twitter almost instantly. 

Once social media thought they had seen it all, Scott also announced that he is releasing limited edition merchandise for this collaboration. The clothing combines the rapper’s hip-hop style with McDonald’s imagery. Shirts include the McDonald’s logo and phrases such as, “Tell Em Jack Sent You.” And for all of the chicken nugget fans out there, a limited edition $90 McNugget body-pillow. 

Several designs are available and the majority of the merchandise is priced at $48 USD. Other items for sale include a tie, shorts, socks and a vintage metal lunch box. The prices in regards to those items vary from $25-$250 USD. 

As with everything, reactions are mixed when it comes to this concept. The response regarding both the merchandise and collaboration with McDonalds across social media platforms varied immensely. Some users rushed to buy merchandise while others complained that the meal was just a regular quarter-pounder sandwich. There were also comments and complaints about how the “Cactus Jack Special” did not come with an exclusive toy or any special branding. 

Once the meal officially dropped, it caused a variety of reactions following it being purchased. McDonald’s originally tweeted “tell em Cactus Jack sent you.” This, of course, led to people telling McDonald’s staff that exact line and filming their reactions. Some even decided to share their videos and a review of the meal online following its release. 

The general consensus was that the meal was a little over-hyped. However, many are still excited about this collaboration and look forward to any additional announcements. 

Memes have continued to circulate with Twitter users claiming that the only people buying this meal will be tweens. Jokes regarding what these customers will say or tweet after having the meal quickly gained attention. One user wrote that young fans that purchase it will say something along the lines of: “Just copped the burger, it’s lit travis the goat frfr.” 

Another trend quickly popped up on TikTok. After filming themselves eating the meal, TikTok users then react with a signature Travis Scott line that uses autotune. For example, “It’s lit.” 


STRAIGHT UP ASTRONOMICAL 👁🌵👁 🎢 #travisscottmcdonalds #travisscott #cactusjack #fyp #mcdonalds

♬ original sound – jasonseptimo

This collaboration took the internet by storm and it’s safe to say it won’t be forgotten any time soon. Despite its lack of branding and exclusive assets, the marketing for this partnership is simply genius. Photos of Scott’s merchandise as well as the promotional images he has shared continue to circulate the internet. While the majority of social media is completely aware of Cactus Jack’s newest collaboration, others are still figuring out what is exactly going on. 

People from all over the world have shared their own opinion on Travis Scott x McDonald’s. However, the “Cactus Jack Special” is definitely unique and something that has caught the attention of millions in just a couple of days. 

We think the internet is even beginning to rationalize that buying a $90 body pillow may not be the best economic choice during a pandemic, but also still a great decision for their sanity.  

The “Cactus Jack Special” is only available through October 4, 2020. It is available for order in-restaurant, online and at the drive thru. Let us know if you will order the “Cactus Jack Special.”