Cadillac Unveils Star Studded LYRIQ EV Campaign for the Big Game

We want one of those ducks!
By Andy Lalwani
Photo: Cadillac

AdvertisementThere is always a lot of buzz around game day; and people are already speculating about the upcoming commercials.

This past week you might have seen posts of topiaries, etc and remove the whole celebrity partners of Cadillac doing sponsored posts. The question is: where did these come from and why?

For those of you who are pop culture aficionados, these objects might seem familiar. If you caught an early look at Cadillacs new Big Game commercial, they probably make a lot more sense.

The new Cadillac spot was launched in conjunction with these sponsored celebrity posts, calling attention to their new electric vehicle LYRIQ, with its cutting-edge technology

Be sure to watch the full commercial and extended cut for yourself.