Cancel Culture Has Gone Too Far With #LizzoIsOverParty

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately (or just very far away from your phone), chances are that you’re familiar with “cancel culture.” Many well-known celebrities have been attacked or “cancelled”  through this trend and Lizzo just became the latest victim. 

#LizzoIsOverParty is trending on Twitter with people accusing her of sexualizing men, namely Harry Styles, and many One Direction fans are slamming Lizzo for inappropriate behavior. Here’s why they’re upset. 

It all started with a video that Lizzo posted to her TikTok which shows the popstar suggestively sucks a chocolate popsicle while watching Harry Styles on stage. The video is highly euphemistic, as are comments that Lizzo has jokingly made in the past about the “Watermelon Sugar” singer, who happens to be a friend of hers. 

That’s not all Harry Styles fans are upset about though. Before the “Truth Hurts” singer performed with Harry Styles at the 2020 Brit Awards, she appeared on UK’s KISS Breakfast With Tom & Daisy show where she was asked about collaborating with Styles. Lizzo responded saying, “We collabed,” joking that they spent the previous night together. However, she instantly clarified that she was only joking. 

Critics are also pointing to a clip from one of Lizzo’s concerts in January where Harry joined her on-stage for a performance of “Juice” for pretending to grab Harry’s butt. People are “calling out” the singer for sexualizing Styles and her “non-consensual” behavior. They claim that you can tell that Harry is uncomfortable with her actions. If you watch the clip however, it is evident that the singers are playing off each other and Styles even pretends to grab Lizzo back.

Some One Direction fans felt so strongly that they began to tweet #LizzoIsOverParty, accompanied by messages that were sexist, racist and body-shaming. If you think that the internet sat silent while this happened though, think again. Many fans of Lizzo and even several fans of Harry Styles flooded the hashtag supportive with pro-lizzo tweets. 


What’s more even K-Pop fans and Swifties followed suit and defended the singer, pointing out that Harry Styles himself has raised no objection to Lizzo and is in fact her friend and that the men she jokingly sexualizes are actually quite amused, case and point One Direction’s very own Niall Horan. 

What do you think about #LizzoIsOverParty? Has cancel culture gone too far? Comment below and let us know! 


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