Cardi B Denies Posting Transphobic Meme on Facebook

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Cardi B has been in her fair share of negative press over the past month, especially with the Nicki Minaj fight in the back mirror. However, that was just the beginning for poor Cardi, as now she’s been hit with an accusation that she’s transphobic, because of a meme posted to her social media account over the weekend.

Because Cardi doesn’t like people twisting her words, she got her story straight immediately, by taking to Twitter to explain the situation, telling all of her followers that the meme was not posted by her…

Although Cardi tried to rectify this issue immediately, many people across Twitter were still pissed, especially because she didn’t actually apologise, just tried to put the blame on someone else.

Many were saying how she’s at fault for giving those who used to work for her, access to her social media accounts, who therefore post stuff in her name and image…


Whilst others are saying that Cardi doesn’t help herself, as has made jokes about the Transgender community before, and has also been involved with other celebrities who have been accused of being transphobic…

However, some people think that others are taking this situation too far and are just trying to add fuel to the Nicki vs Cardi fire that ignited last week…

Some  may think that this situation has been taken out of hand, but transgender advocates such as actress, Laverne Cox, has said how it shouldn’t be socially acceptable to make jokes about trans people, as it is dehumanizing to so many people.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Do better, Cardi.

Do you think Cardi B should’ve properly apologized? Do you think people are trying to add fuel to the Nicki beef that happened last week? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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