Carole Baskin Joins Dancing With the Stars Cast and Causes Internet Frenzy

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Carole Baskin makes a return to relevant internet mayhem after being announced as a member of the new Dancing With the Stars cast. 

The “Tiger King” star first made headlines and caused a viral uproar after her narrative as Joe Exotic’s arch-nemesis drew in millions of viewers on Netflix. The series, which originally aired at the end of March, was the latest craze and binge-worthy show intelligently released at the very beginning of the global lockdown due to COVID-19. And within a day of its premiere, countless viewers had created memes and comical responses to Baskin and Exotic’s rivalry. An overwhelming majority made it clear on social platforms that they were on Joe Exotic’s side, who is currently serving a 22-year sentence in prison for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill Baskin.  

There was even a Carole Baskin song made to the tune of Meg Thee Stallion’s smash-hit “Savage.”

The lyrics were changed, but the track went viral almost instantly. Some of the largest TikTok sensations, including Charli D’Amelio, made videos to go along with the parody.  

And it’s safe to say that the internet’s response to her returning to being on their tv’s is definitely mixed. While the Dancing with The Stars cast reveal typically makes headlines, the announcement of Baskin joining this season has not only raised eyebrows this time around, but also caused an internet frenzy. 


Fans React on Twitter

The ABC series may be boosting their ratings a significant amount this season and could it all be for the meme of it? Dancing With the Stars generally has a widespread demographic, but will now be gaining a whole new spectrum of viewers.

Fans of Joe Exotic are using the opportunity to continue their efforts to advocate for an early release while others are already praying for Baskin’s dance partner to remain safe and careful.

Others are wondering what she will do if something goes wrong with her assigned partner and how she will react if/when she doesn’t win the competition. 


If one thing is for sure, it’s clear that everyone on the internet has an opinion on this subject. While some Twitter users are already requesting tracks for Baskin to perform on the show, others are begging the series to remove her from their lineup for their own sanity. 

Barstool Sports even tweeted that the decision to have her as a part of the cast is a “crime against humanity.” 

The Shock 

Another major response is how this all may have possibly come together. Did Baskin express interest in the show? Were fans of “Tiger King” proposing the idea on social media? The questions continue to circulate across platforms such as Twitter and TikTok. 

Dancing With the Stars generally picks reality-tv stars, older movie stars and athletes. The choice of Baskins being added to the cast shocked their typical audience as well as the entire online community. Several are committed to tuning in every week simply to see what happens. Others are specifically not tuning into the series this time around because of her involvement. 

In fact, this news is opening up a brand new conversation and reason for social media users to chat about Carole Baskin all over again. Even almost 6 months after “Tiger King” was officially released, it seems as though the internet is not ready to let any aspect of her suspicious past go. 

Her polarizing behavior on the hit docuseries generated a variety of responses from viewers and social media users, making it a viral sensation for months. Of course, there was a split (and definitely not an even one) in those who were Team Joe Exotic and those who were Team Carole Baskin. And then there were the individuals who refused to choose or take part in watching the popular show at all. 

After “Tiger King” aired, an investigation into the disappearance of Baskin’s first husband, Don Lewis, was officially launched. The theory that countless viewers believe surrounds the idea that Baskin fed Lewis to one or several of her tigers. 

This is causing regular fans of the series to feel a little uneasy with her claiming a spot on the upcoming season.

The new DWTS season is expected to air on September 14th. 

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