Chand Baori is India’s Jaw-Dropping Stepwell

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Chand Baori is India’s most jaw-dropping stepwell. I mean, just look at this majestic thing. Let your eyes water up with pride at the glory of this stepwell. It’s a ridiculous 1,000 plus years old, having been built by King Chanda of the Nikumbh between 800 and 900 CE. Was it a golden age for stepwells? Folks, I am not sure. But I know it looks exceedingly nice.

How do you feel looking at this glorious stepwell? Is the answer… happy? Overjoyed? Thrilled and pleased and other such synonyms? Well, that is no coincidence, because this stepwell was created to honor the Goddess of Joy and Happiness, Hashat Mata. Oh, stepwell. You should be called stepgreat at this rate!

The structure is roughly 64 feet deep, with 3,500 narrow steps. The Empire Building has only 1,576 and was, as far as I know, not built towards any Goddesses of joy. Yeesh!

It is inactive, but it can still be used for water harvesting. Fantastic!

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