Charli D’amelio Finally Posts the ‘WAP’ Dance

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After lots of petitioning and begging from fans, Charli D’amelio’s mom caves and lets her 16 year old daughter post the ‘WAP’ dance.

‘WAP’ by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion held the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks, but was recently dethroned by BTS’s ‘Dynamite.’ This is the same song that had fans outraged with Kylie Jenner’s appearance in the music video. However, ‘WAP’ has been on everyone’s minds as we are all obsessed with the explicit lyrics and music video. The song’s success led TikTok user and choreographer Brian Esperon to create a viral dance to this song and receive over 36 million views.


When listening to this song, we can’t help but envision our favorite TikTokers doing these erotic moves from high kicks to twerks. One popular creator who performed this dance was Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka originally rose to TikTok fame after posting a steamy dance created by TikTok user Professor Kar to the sexy song ‘I Wanna Love You’ by Akon featuring Snoop Dogg.


when the chocolate buisness dies down #willywonka

♬ original sound – ♡ arilive

When ‘WAP’ overwhelmed the ‘For You’ page, fans petitioned for Willy Wonka to do the ‘WAP’ dance. Willy Wonka granted his “children’s” wish and blessed us all by doing the provocative dance. 



Reply to @official.corona.virus – (dc: @besperon)

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B


His ‘WAP’ video received over 100 million views, beating out the original video that made him “TikTok famous,” which has over 83 million views.

But soon Willy Wonka was knocked from the most viewed ‘WAP’ dance spot when Addison Rae posted her performance of the suggestive dance. Although Addison Rae may dance to many songs with explicit language, her reputation as a “bad bleep” paints her as a family-friendly celebrity – or at least that’s what she wants people to think.  


“my message to @thekidlaroi is…. ‘thank you!’” —@addisonre on “addison rae” ???????? #addisonrae #addisonre #thekidlaroi #betweenthelines

♬ original sound – Genius

Performing the WAP dance contradicts her perception, which adds to the craze. However, this “bad bleep” crushed the dance as she hit over 180 million views on TikTok.



i had to do it before my mom did…. goodnight dc @besperon

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Addison Rae’s and Willy Wonka’s WAP videos both went viral, but still some were more hesitant to post this dance, such as TikTok queen Charli D’amelio. D’amelio is known for blowing up most TikTok trends such as ‘Renegade’ and ‘Savage,’ with her professional dance skills. 



♬ Lottery – K CAMP

However, D’amelio is only 16 years old and lives under her parent’s roof, forcing her to abide by their rules. Despite the ‘WAP’ dance’s popularity, this was one dance her parents would not let her post, but D’amelio took to Twitter to recruit some help in persuading her parents.

Fans ran to support D’amelio rushing to Twitter and TikTok to campaign and petition for their TikTok queen to post one of the most viral dances.

But Charli D’amelio’s mom, Heidi, was not going to keep her lips sealed while the internet questioned her parenting decisions.

Charli D’amelio may have a massive fanbase due to being the most followed person on TikTok, but Heidi D’amelio has her own supporters as many agreed with her decision as a responsible parent.


A couple days later, Charli D’amelio teased fans by posting a TikTok of her friends’ reactions as they watched their famous friend do the ‘WAP’ dance, which received over 80 million views. This compelled Charli’s followers to spam her with comments begging her to let them see her do the ‘WAP’ dance.


my friends watching me do the wap dance… teehee

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Despite all the arguments and debates for weeks, the mother and daughter compromised as Charli hopped onto the ‘lyrical’ WAP trend started by TikTok user and dancer Matthew Deloch which is a bit cleaner. In this trend, the ‘WAP’ choreography is still present, but the song is turned from a rap song into a ballad as singer/songwriter Alec Chambers sings the lyrics instead of Cardi B.


sneak peak into the upcoming competition season

♬ Alec Chambers Lyrical WAP – Matthew Deloch





♬ original sound – Alec Chambers

Slowing the tempo of the original song with piano music allows the dance to transform into a ballet style dance making it look less sexual. Unlike other prominent TikTokers, D’amelio emphasizes her flexibility rather than her sexuality in the trend making the dance seem more classy and majestic.


dc @besperon

♬ Alec Chambers Lyrical WAP – Matthew Deloch

Even though D’amelio did not post the original ‘WAP’ dance, she was flooded with support and love from her fans as they felt their voices were heard by the social media icon and appreciated her efforts to meet their desires. It also didn’t hurt that she received over 60 million views in just a couple of days. 

We’ll give it to Charli here, this was a pretty creative way to get around her mom’s rules. And it actually ended up being sort of beautiful? Is that too far? How do you feel about Charli D’amelio posting the WAP dance? Will Charli D’amelio eventually get more views than Addison Rae and Willy Wonka? 

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