Chris Brown Gives Statement After Arrest For Rape

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Just when we think our Chris Brown stories have plumbed the depths of humanity, just when we think everything is over for the guy, when he sank as low as he could possibly go with a plunge that began in the public eye with his attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and countless stories after of his reprehensible behavior towards women. Now, ten years later, Chris Brown has been arrested in Paris, France under accusation of rape. He is being held with three other people for aggravated rape and drug violations in Paris.

The allegations claim the victim, a 24 year old woman was invited to Brown’s hotel room on January 15th, along with several other women. The 24 year old was alone in a room with Chris Brown who sexually assaulted her, and then she was raped by Brown’s two bodyguards and one of Chris Brown’s friends.

Chris Brown facing an actual arrest for his misdemeanors is a rare situation in the United States, however abroad, no doubt due to Brown’s lesser star power abroad, and the new atmosphere around the world due to the #MeToo movement, the crimes of musicians and artists can’t be ignored regardless of their popularity.

RCA, which represents Chris Brown, has not yet made an announcement on wether or not they will be dropping the singer, but after dropping R. Kelly in the wake of the damning documentary surrounding his sex crime, Surviving R. Kelly, I’m sure they will be more careful in the future.

Chris Brown himself released an insane statement that was literally the word “B!tches Be Lying” (Op-Ed from me, the writer: I hate this guy), and the proceeded to release an all caps statement that doesn’t mention his past decade of abhorrent and rampant violence towards women, and instead reminds us he has a daughter. As if men with daughters never committed violent acts.

Ugh. This statement is disgusting, but here it is.


Yes Chris, like all narcissists you think the worst part of this is how people talk about you, not the violent rape you’re accused of. Ugh.

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