There’s something strange in the neighborhood...who ya gonna call?

Actor Rick Moranis was attacked while walking in New York City early Thursday morning. Footage of the attacker was released Friday but he has yet to be identified. In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the internet is more concerned for the health and safety of the actor than the news of the President’s contraction of COVID-19, including big names such as actor Chris Evans.  

Rick Moranis 

Rick Moranis is a Canadian actor best known for his role of Wayne Szalinski in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. He has also appeared in over 25 television and movie productions, including classics such as Ghostbusters and Spaceballs. Moranis takes full advantage of his quirky nature and comical height to lean into the funny yet loveable characters he opts to play, giving his audience some much needed comic relief. After almost 23 years out of the acting spotlight, he signed on this year to appear in the sequel of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, entitled “Shrunk.” 

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His acting career was thriving in the late 80’s and into the 90’s, but he put acting aside to focus on raising his children after his wife passed away. He stated in an interview that he hasn’t officially retired from acting, but after his break he has decided to be more picky with what films he does.

His children are now grown but he has kept busy doing voice acting, writing comedy albums, and dabbling in op-ed writing. Although he doesn’t see what the big deal is, many fans applaud the dedication to his children and deeply respect him for his decision to step away from Hollywood. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, which is why the internet was so distraught when they got wind of his attack on Thursday. 

The Attack

On October 1st around 7:30 in the morning, Moranis was attacked unprovoked as he was walking down a block around West 70th Street in Manhattan. Ironically, the attack took place a few blocks away from the apartment building his character from Ghostbusters lived at in the movie. Luckily Moranis was able to take himself to the emergency room, but suffered minor injuries to his head, back and hip. He later reported the incident to the New York Police Department. Police released surveillance videos of the incident in order to get the public’s help identifying the attacker, but did not mention who was attacked due to privacy concerns. The video shows a man wearing a Black “I (heart) NY” hoodie walking calming, punching 67 year old Moranis in the head (although they blurred out the actor in the footage). The surveillance tape shows Moranis fall to the ground after he is punched in the head, as the attacker walked away. Friday afternoon, the police released a clearer image of the man, but there has yet to have been an arrest made. 

NYPD just released a cash reward for any information on the attacker.

Moranis’ representative posted a statement saying that Moranis “is fine but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes.”  

Internet’s Reaction

America woke up to the news of both Rick Moranis being attacked and President Trump having coronavirus Friday morning. While some decided to rejoice or mourn about Trump’s news, others chose to focus their well wishes and messages of outrage on behalf of the sweet actor. 

Many messages of well wishes for the actor not-so-subtly poked fun at the fact that they were intentionally not wishing well for the President.

Although some were downright upfront about where their allegiances lie.

Even actor Chris Evans took to Twitter to express his anger about the unprovoked attack. 

Everyone loves Rick Moranis!! How could you not?

The internet is just about ready to go to war for Moranis! 

It’s honestly getting kind of intense. All that pent up energy from staying inside and dealing with the consequences of COVID is clearly getting to some of us. 

A majority of those on Twitter don’t even know Moranis personally, but his kind demeanor and funny roles have the whole internet sympathizing for him and wishing him well.

Some people may question the amount of concern they have for the actor in comparison to the health of our President. But not that much. 

Rick Moranis’ genuine and kind-hearted reputation has the whole internet supporting him right now. This ironically timed incident has fans and random strangers alike in an uproar, intentionally avoiding wishing the President well on social media. Everyone is hoping for the actor’s speedy recovery and that his attacker is held responsible for his actions.