Chris Pratt Announces Engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Chris Pratt is a man of many characters, from Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, to Emmet in The Lego Movie, it was only right that he matches up to someone who has also played many characters and who better than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Although the two have only been dating for a year, with Chris Pratt’s last relationship ending in divorce only 17 months ago, they always say that once you meet your soulmate, you should never let them go. After seeing Chris Pratt play so many comical roles, you could never imagine him being a sweet lovey-dovey person, but in an Instagram post shared by the man himself last night, he proved to us that he is the romantic sweetheart that every person would want…

Ugh, who’s chopping onions around here? Seriously, this love story is so sweet. Although, I know it will be pretty cool to say your father-in-law is Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it must be quite intimidating to know your wife’s dad could let out his inner cyborg and attack you if you dare hurt her…


Hopefully it’ll never come to that. You have been warned, Chris. All jokes aside, the engagement brought many congratulations tweets from far and wide, from fellow celebrities, to devoted fans, you could feel the love all around.

So cute! Now I just need to find someone to make me feel the way Chris makes Katherine feel. Hm, there’s those onions again!


Congratulations to the happy couple, and I’m sure the wedding will be as beautiful as the bride and groom to be.

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