Ciara’s #LEVELUPCHALLENGE Gives Dancers Something To Do When They’re Done With Drake

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Why does Drake get to have all the fun? A new dance challenge is sweeping the internet, inspired by Ciara’s new single.

Ciara dropped a new single last week called “Level Up”, and the dance she does in the music video is quite the workout.

But shortly after the video dropped, other people started posting themselves dancing to the songs, which Ciara shared on her Instagram.

And thus the Level Up Challenge was born.

The great thing about this challenge is the dance itself is really open to interpretation. Plenty of dance crews and celebrities are already posting their versions. Dancer and choreographer Kenny Clutch’s version, where he dances for his son who’s battling leukemia, has been seen millions of times.


And the dancers performing in Hamilton in London absolutely crushed it.

But the best of the bunch might be this drumming interpretation from Timothy of the performance group A1 Chops.

But, if you aren’t super confident in your moves, you can still take part in the #LevelUp challenge. Ciara has encouraged celebrities to talk about ways they plan to “Level Up” in their own lives, and many of them have on something called the “Trace Me” app, which purports to be The Ultimate Fan Destination.


Of course, Ciara herself posted the three ways she plans to “Level Up”…

Okay, so this is all fun stuff – we’ve got a dance challenge, motivational messages. Great. But doesn’t the whole thing feel a little bit…corporate?

Part of what makes the In My Feelings Challenge so fun is that it happened organically. It’s a fun dance that people can’t help but be inspired to take part in. But the Level Up Challenge feels like it’s part of a brand marketing strategy. Between the vanilla messaging on Ciara’s social media, unavoidable connection to the Trace Me app, and nebulous motivational speeches from celebrities…it all just seems pretty inauthentic.

But, independent of all that, it’s still a blast for those of us who love dancing to see these moves.

Have you taken the Level Up Challenge? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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