It was literally love at first sight.

For weeks viewers all over the country tuned in to Clare Crawley’s season of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and the common themes of each episode were Dale, Dale, and Dale.

From the moment contestant Dale Moss stepped out of the limo, it was love at first sight as Crawley declared Moss as her future husband. Because Crawley was head over heels for Moss since night one, she devoted most of her attention to Moss throughout the first two weeks of the show.

Every week, her feelings for Moss grew stronger and her feelings for the other men grew weaker. She even gave a rose to herself when forced to give a rose to someone besides Moss.

What Happened This Week on the Show?

After Crawley gave the rose to herself, production knew it was time to step in. On Thursday night’s episode, the host Chris Harrison knocked on Crawley’s door to discuss the future of the show. After Crawley admited she only has eyes for Moss, Harrison says “we can’t continue.” Harrison also confronts Crawley by asking her is she had contact with Moss before the show, but she said she only looked at his social media and did not message him.

To ensure that her feelings were reciprocated, Crawley cancelled the cocktail party and rose ceremony in order to spend more time with Moss. On her date with Moss, she declared her strong feelings for him and he reciprocated them leading the two lovebirds to spend the night together.

After Crawley’s perfect date with Moss, Harrison comes in and says that there is only one more step, a proposal. And for the icing on the cake, Harrison says the proposal will happen tonight.

Harrison then informs Moss that Crawley will be expecting Moss to propose, presenting Moss with a life-changing decision.

In the end, Moss got down on one knee to propose to Crawley – marking the end of their journey on ‘The Bachelorette.’

After a season many knew would end abruptly due to the spoilers leaked during filming, Bachelor Nation is ready for the next chapter – Tayshia Adams as the next Bachelorette.

Bachelor Nation’s Reactions

Although most knew that Crawley would end her reign as the Bachelorette and run into the sunset with Moss, many were surprised when Moss actually proposed to Crawley after just 2 weeks of knowing each other.

Some Twitter users are suggesting that Moss did not want to get engaged so early, but proposed due to pressure from production.

In addition, some are suggesting that Crawley’s strong feelings are not reciprocated by Moss as he was not very expressive after Crawley poured her heart out to him.

One Bachelorette fan is comparing the events on the show to Disney’s ‘Frozen’ where Anna and Hans get engaged after having just met.

Crawley may have her happy ending, but some of the men were upset as she forced them to share their deepest feelings and darkest thoughts, especially Jason.

Also, Twitter users are commenting on the mistreatment of the contestants as production forced them to quarantine longer than it took Crawley to find a husband.

When Chris Harrison gave the men the option to either move on or go home, some were hesitant due to their connection with Crawley but Twitter users are commenting that the show made it seem like a harder decision than it actually was.

Some are also commenting on the irony that Crawley got engaged before many states are able to determine who is the next President of the United States.

Because Crawley has been a controversial lead, Bachelor Nation is ready for fan favorite Tayshia Adams to take over.

One Twitter user thinks Moss would rather have Adams as his fiancé over Crawley.

Even though most expected Crawley’s season to end early, the details of Adams’s journey still remains a mystery.

Next week, Adams season will begin, but we will also get an update on Crawley’s and Moss’s relationship. In the promo, Harrison asks Crawley “did you lie to Bachelor Nation?” Bachelor Nation will have to wait til next week to reveal the context of this question as well as see if an impulsive engagement can be successful.

Do you think Crawley and Moss got engaged too soon? Are you excited for Adams to become the next Bachelorette?