Colin Kroll, Co-Founder of Vine and HQ, Has Passed Away

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Colin Kroll’s efforts were in the kind of innovation online that didn’t just catch on, but entranced anyone who came across it. With Vine he invented a new type of internet art form — and a new type of internet star. With HQ, the Scott Rogowsky starring trivia app, he created a new genre of game. A trivia game where the sense of community and the sense of stakes were beyond anything anyone else created. His efforts paid off, and as so many other apps struggle to figure out how to bridge the line between innovation and entertainment, Kroll struck gold twice, making the cold internet for a few moments feel a little warmer.

Colin Kroll was only 35 when he passed away in his New York apartment. After his girlfriend stopped hearing from him, she contacted the police to do a wellness check. The police came and found him dead on the scene. His body was surrounded by drug paraphernalia, leading authorities to deduce that the cause of death was a drug overdose. The call took place at 12:18 AM on Sunday morning.

As this is breaking news, information is still scarce. We will be updating this page with further information as it comes in.

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