Comedian Ryan Creamer is Hosting Pornhub’s Most Wholesome SFW Channel

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When you log onto PornHub, (as I never do as a good wholesome boy, of course), you’re stunned by the constant barrage of not just filth, but disturbing filth. A lot of CGI monsters and unwanted genitalia greet you (again, or so I’ve been told). Comedian Ryan Creamer, a writer for CollegeHumor, however carved out his spot as a satirical little oasis in a sea of nonsense by creating the single most wholesome channel PornHub could muster, with video titles such as “I Do The Dishes Without Being Asked” and “I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances But Am Flattered Nonetheless”, all while dressed in the same Ned Flandersy cardigan every time.

The videos have amassed fans — and more than ironic comedians, the fans are mostly seemingly just the users of porn hub finding these videos during their daily search for things to orgasm to. A video titled “I Tuck You In After You Cum”, includes comments like “I’m so comfortable, thank you. Goodnight sweet prince.” and “Can i call you daddy? This vid is so sweet almost made me think i had a dad” from a user with an obscene name and an ever more obscene profile picture. Truly, all are fans of the wholesome porn channel.

The doing the dishes without being asked video was taken from a user suggestion, showing that this bevy of people so dedicated to their porn consumption they’ve created accounts to discuss it with other people in the midst of some sort of masturbation have embraced this man and his whole sweetness.

As the world of comedy continues to change and evolve, and the internet folds into itself as everybody’s bad business decisions come to bite them on the ass, maybe this is the future. Just ironic content on a porn hosting website. Godspeed.

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