Coronavirus Cases are Rising as College Students Return to Campus

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It’s back to school season and schools have been working on ways to get their students back on campus for in-person classes. College students have been eagerly waiting for the new semester to begin to have the college experience they want. 

After having their semester switch to remote learning in March, students haven’t been happy about being home. Despite not being prepared for the switch, there were lots of obstacles that both students and teachers faced during the shutdown. Many classes were not prepared for the material to switch to remote learning. 

With the upcoming semester, students were hoping that the schools would be better prepared for the classes.  It is to be expected that schools want to keep their students safe but that comes into question when colleges are rushing to open campuses. 

This user stated parents are too busy rushing their children back to school without thinking about the possible consequences. 

This student tweeted online learning is not the college experience he wanted. 


Students were not the only ones putting pressure on schools to open. The government wanted schools to open as well. Some officials think schools are not ready to open but the president seemed to disagree. President Trump tweeted in July threatening funding for schools if they choose not to open. 

College students have complained about their new college experience due to online learning. While some students are not so confident about the risk they are taking by returning to school.

Many colleges have welcomed their students back to campus ensuring them that the employees as well as the students are expected to follow the CDC guidelines. Schools are sending out multiple notices requesting students to social distance as much as possible and wear their masks when around others. The dorms on many campuses have limited their capacity to ensure student’s safety.

Whether or not these schools are carrying out the proper safety precautions casts doubts when the number of outbreaks is beginning to rise across the country.  So why is the number of cases beginning to rise again?


This user tweeted a video at Syracuse University giving you a look at the possible answer to that question.

Students are posting videos on social media disappointed to see the actions of their peers. People are having parties and social gatherings that show no regard for the pandemic. 

This user felt both the institution and the students should be held accountable for their part in the outbreaks. 

People are quick to blame universities for the lack of enforcement of the safety regulations. While there are precautions being taken on campus to avoid the spread of the virus, schools cannot control how the kids act off-campus. 

The University of Alabama welcomed its students back to campus on Aug. 19. The school had 158 confirmed COVID-19 cases on that day. Currently, the university has over 1000 cases. Tuscaloosa’s mayor ordered bars in the city to close for two weeks in order to slow the spread of the virus. Students off-campus transmission poses a huge threat to the schools. 

After videos on social media going viral of students partying people weren’t surprised by the rise in cases. This user stated schools need to be closed.

Another user tweeted about the university teachers being advised not to speak about COVID-19 with students. 

The University of South Carolina switched to all-remote classes after a week due to the cases of COVID-19 beginning to rise within the week of reopening. Other universities like the University of Michigan are following their example and continuing remote learning. Students are calling their new normal zoom university. 

Some students feel that their tuition money is being wasted with online learning. This user tweeted tuition is too high for the college experience they are receiving.

The obstacles to remote learning are sometimes unavoidable. Colleges need to ensure these students that they are getting the same education they are paying for. There needs to be proper preparation like access to the necessary resources for students to successfully complete their classes online. 

The effectiveness of remote learning is challenged when the experience varies from student to student. No access to wifi or having to share a computer with siblings are just some of the obstacles that come with learning remotely. 

This New York University student tweeted about still not having a proper computer for his classes.

Teachers also face the difficulties of remote learning. It is much harder to keep students engaged online like this student who was playing Minecraft while in class.

Although cases continue to rise on campuses across the country, students still see zoom university as a less than favorable option. 



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