People Are Dressing Up In Their Best Outfits While Getting The COVID Vaccine

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Let’s face it, everyone’s wardrobe has become very limited since the coronavirus shut down the world. Because of quarantine and social distancing most people don’t have anywhere to go, therefore sweatpants and yoga pants have become the new every day attire. It’s almost shocking to see someone dressed up a year into the pandemic.

That’s why people are taking back their style and declaring to wear that dress they never had a chance to wear in 2020 by dressing up for their COVID vaccine.

Twitter user Ashlie Atkinson posted a now viral photo of herself dressed to the nines in a sequined floor length gown, ready to go get her vaccination. In an interview by Cosmopolitan, Atkinson said her reasoning for dressing up for the shot was because she “just wanted to celebrate the joyousness of the occasion and I wanted to bring some joy to people who have been working long hours.”

The idea has inspired many people to dress up as well for the “event of the year.” Atkinson’s tweet was flooded with photos of others getting the vaccine in their fanciest outfits.


A lot of people are also now planning out their outfits ahead of time to prepare for when they have the chance to get the vaccine.

One women is even taking fashion inspiration from Harry Styles’ Grammy-look  for her vaccination outfit.

When getting the vaccine, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to wear something that gives easy access to the upper shoulder. This gives your healthcare worker the ability to administrate the shot without you having to undress.

With the possibility that the COVID vaccine will be available for all adults in America by the end of May, according to President Joe Biden, it seems like we need to start picking out our outfits!


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