Creepy Life Like Lincoln Is Internet’s Newest Meme

A creepy life like Disneyland Lincoln doing a variety of weird faces is the internet's latest meme.
By Alex Firer

In August, 2017, making the rounds was a newly realistic animatronic Lincoln that Garner Holt productions created for Disneyland’s “Hall of Presidents” (now with Trump). The new Lincoln, according to Gizmodo, had: 40 unique motions and a new proprietary silicon skin that can replicate complex wrinkles. Of course, a Lincoln animatron that gives you a more realistic Abraham Lincoln experience isn’t exactly the kind of thing that makes it into the mainstream unless… unless…. it becomes a crazy meme! Homina Homina!

After the Twitter account @PsychedelicArtv Tweeted out a video of the animatronic Abraham Lincoln making quite a few too many expression for the liking of anyone terrified of the ‘Uncanny Valley’ effect, the people of Twitter set out to try to crack what it is exactly that terrifies them about this creepy robot man. And what does Lincoln look like he’s doing? Trying to hide how stoned he is? Having an orgasm? Some other deceitful act that a freaky robot man will do to spook you in the upcoming “Animatron Wars”. Look, we’re not psychics. But we’re going to go ahead and say… yes to all three!

The animatronic Lincoln meme is nascent, still a baby meme. But we have big hopes for it. I mean, he can look like so many things. Like… if an ant climbs up your butt? If you’re holding in a sneeze? If the ant in your butt has babies and they’re all running about? When you’re trying to avoid staying after six at work on a Friday? The ants in your butt now have their own ant society? Look. There are options. Not all of them have to involve ants in your butt. I’m just suggesting things, all right!? I’ll craft my own Lincoln animatronic meme in due time. Don’t you guys worry.

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