CUTE VIDEO: Dog Feeds Carrots To Piglets and Rabbits

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I am out here, on the cute animal video beat, always trying to bring you folks the best of cute animal videos. I am always trying to find you the next Cat Slaps Seal, Dog Faceplants Onto Sand and whatever weird as hell raccoon stuff. I can find to bring to you. And folks, I believe we’ve outdone ourselves with this find. Hold on to your hearts folks, and prepare to witness the unbelievable cute animal beauty of… a dog feeding pigs and rabbits a whole slew of carrots.

The video is adorable. The dog has almost a paternal/maternal quality as the animals around it chew up on the carrots. Each and every animal seems to have a cute personality. The pig is a little runt chewing on up on the carrot as the rabbit as diligent and organized. And the dog? So patient. So adorable. Enjoy, you cute animal fans, you?

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