The Martins are back -- two kids down and on probation, but they're back. And folks. They're still abusing their children in a video series titled "FamilyOFive", much to the criticism of the internet.

We’ve written in the past about DaddyoFive; the story of Mike and Heather Martin, two abuse adults who would harass their children and for YouTube views. They would specifically harass Mike’s biological children to the point of nervous breakdowns and violence, and I would call it one one of the vilest things we’ve ever seen committed to video. After Phillip DeFranco did a rundown of just how much anguish these people were causing to their kids, the law intervened, and the two children they were abusing the most were taken away. Well, as cicadas lie dormant for seventeen years, only to reappear in their vile cacophonous form, the Martins are back — two kids down and on probation, but they’re back. And folks. They’re still abusing their children.

If you think they learned that abusing children for clicks was wrong, then you underestimate the mind of someone who would do that in the first place, folks. A very helpful video from a YouTuber named “Amanda the Jedi” breaks down what’s been going on along with very troubling clips of kids screaming, getting hit in the balls and generally being coaxed to fight on camera.

Additionally, Amanda the Jedi covers that DaddyoFive doesn’t seem sorry that he pushed his kids to beat each other violently on camera. He seems angry that people, in his mind took away his life by uhh… reporting his child abuse.

Dude, there are jobs where you don’t harass kids. There are YouTubers who make money yelling at Fortnite.

The new videos still have children in pain and getting abused, but the channel also has the kids pranking the parents, for whatever its worth. So I guess at best the channel is still a deeply unhealthy cesspool in the name of clicks. Honestly, I don’t think it’s healthy making children troll for views by doing anything at such an early age. If you want to push them into a career I recommend law instead of YouTube click troll.

Anyway, here’s their trailer, if you can stomach it. Watch as the abuse is broken up by dull vlog style videos and uhh… I guess Mike harassing Heather. Well, maybe this will all end with them empathizing with the two kids whose lives they ruined earlier.

So yeah. DaddyoFive is back as FamilyoFive. They have abused Mike’s biological children in the name of entertainment, now they are back to abusing each other in the name of entertainment. I don’t know how this will end. But probably badly, right?

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