Deep Fake of Steve Buscemi on Jennifer Lawrence’s Body Proves We Will All Be Fooled

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We covered it a little bit earlier today with the whole “FaceTime Glitch” thing that uhh… will probably get us all landed in prison, but in case you go “well I’ve done nothing wrong, all I am is the most gullible idiot in the world who just wants to affirm his awful biases”, then I have bad news: deep fakes will probably kill us all too. We’ve covered deep fakes — the technology which puts the face of anyone whose had enough media appearances — onto a body. It was in the past spotlighted for being used on porn (for example — putting a famous actresses’ face on the body of a porn star which is… look, it’s not good), but most of us aren’t huge creepy perverts, so maybe we weren’t aware of the power of Deep Fakes. A video from Jordan Peele later in the year helped illustrate things a little better, but I don’t think it’s until this video of Steve Buscemi’s face being placed onto Jennifer Lawrence’s during an awards show that everyone collectively took a deep breath and went…

And here’s the full video so you can go and agree with comedian Dan Guterman’s statement. I mean, look at the video, it is seamless, complete with all of Jennifer Lawrence’s little subtleties expressed with Steve Buscemi.

Last time people were tricked by grainy garbage memes showing Hillary Clinton yelling into a mic or something. Now, I shudder to think how these could be abused. Or, if a video leaks of a pro Trump GOP politician saying another one of his unspeakable pro fascist things, will they claim it was a deep fake? This all seems like it plays in too well into the more conspiratory hands of the insane landscape of 2019 politics. Yeesh. We may all be doomed.


At least the Steve Buscemi video is cool.


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