Cute As Heck Deer Takes Dip In New Jersey Pool

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New Jersey pools, watch out. Here comes a frickin’ deer.

You think we’re above reporting about animals who take dips in pools? No man, it’s summer. Bears take dips in pools, and now we can add another animal into this reverse Noah’s Ark menagerie (because the animals go in the water… ah, you get it), a cute little deer who took the Hamilton police department by delighted surprise after it jumped into the water and moved its tiny little limbs in the pool.

The cute little creature was dried off by the police department before it ran into the woods, leaving naught but, I assume, a trail of dust behind it (for cinematic effect). The police have chronicled the entire thing in a Facebook post which can be read below.

Cute! What’s not cute is our record heat wave driving animals to bodies of water where they can survive the unbearable heat and– no, you know what, Im going to go back to cute. Yeah, this is cute.

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