Did Ariana Grande Break Her Wrist During Carpool Karaoke?

By Amy Walters
Ariana Grande is Carpool Karaoke's latest celebrity guest, but James couldn't have held on to the wheel very tight, leaving Grande bandaged up and fans are speculating why.

Ariana Grande is Carpool Karaoke’s latest celebrity guest, but James couldn’t have held on to the wheel very tight, leaving Grande bandaged up and fans are speculating why.

We have all been waiting for the moment when Ariana Grande appears on Carpool Karaoke, and that moment is finally here. James Corden shared a tweet, with the image of the lyrics to Grande’s recent pop hit, No Tears Left to Cry.  If this tweet wasn’t enough to spark rumors and excitement from Grande’s fans about her finally being on the British comedian’s most famous segment, Ariana Grande sent another tweet back to Corden, playing on the subject a bit more. Corden finished off the tennis of tweets, with a sarcastic, yet obvious tweet, which answered the question on everybody’s lips.

Of course, fans of the show and Grande began freaking out, and were immediately so excited for the pop star to be on the show, not just for her singing, but her incredible banter as well. The reactions on Twitter summed up how everybody was feeling, with some people’s breaths being snatched, as well as their wigs….

However, after the filming was over, Grande shared a tweet, with an image of her attempting to do a thumb up, whilst her hand was covered in a bandage. Although the star didn’t look like she was in much pain, as she posed with the dog filter and ‘hahahaha’ written across the screen, fans were still worried about her, and wondered why and how she had the bandage.



Trust Ariana and James to get up to something so silly and end up hurting themselves. Although, it’s not all bad news, as Ariana appeared to have a lot of fun, and her love for James appears to have grown. James even went as far to say that this is his favorite carpool karaoke ever!

Sounds like we have a new BFF alert going on between these two, and it’s no surprise as they’re both absolutely hilarious, and definitely know how to have a good time, even if it does mean ending up in the emergency room!

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