Did Kris Jenner Reveal Engagement to Corey Gamble on “Fill Your Guts, Spill Your Guts”?

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Look, we here at What’s Trending headquarters are massive fans of any game genre that involve celebs either saying terrible truths or eating terrible foods, so any time an especially good guest comes on “Fill Your Guts, Spill Your Guts”, you better believe we’ll write about it. This guest — Kris Jenner, ahead of her appearance on season 15 (15!!!) of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, went on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” to sit across from Corden and answer deeply probing questions, with the greatest consequence one can face staring her deep in the eye: eating a damn bug!

The first question goes to Corden as he’s asked why he’s never had Kanye West on the show. The answer, which paints Kanye as a weird, selfish person with only himself on his mind (surprise surprise) was probably thought to have been embarrassing to tell a family relation of his on the air, but no, Corden is more than happy to spill his guts: Kanye cancelled at least twice, maybe thrice — once when Corden was pulling up to his apartment. So Corden doesn’t have to eat the hundred year old egg… for now. But it will always rest on the table, like a haunted specter, waiting to be inhaled by the non truth teller of choice.

That’s as much gut spilling as we’re going to get however, as the rest of the answers our two heroes choose the “fill” option. How much money did James Corden make shooting “Peter Rabbit”? Instead Corden chomps off a big old bite of cow tongue. Which Kardashian daughter in the matriarch’s favorite? Kris Jenner instead sips from a sardine smoothie. And when Corden asks Jenner if the ring on her finger points to an engagement to Corey Gamble, she hemmed and hawed, said this isn’t “the ring”, and then just ate a cricket to end the whole thing.

So Kris Jenner is probably engaged to Corey Gamble? I don’t know. That damned delicious cricket stood between me and the truth. But what do you think of the whole video? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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