Did Nikita Dragun ACCIDENTALLY REVEAL Escape the Night SPOILER??

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The murder mystery-themed reality series Escape the Night is heading into its fourth season… but are we already getting some spoilers?
Escape the Night is a murder mystery reality show hosted by Joey Graceffa, currently the longest running series on YouTube premium. The series follows a character called The Savant as he finds himself in some past era, where he invites guests to a party and requires them to act and dress as various characters from that era.
Joey said – “Creating Escape The Night has been such an honor over the past four years. Now in our fourth season, the challenges are harder, the creatures are scarier and the drama is real. This all-stars cast has really elevated the show and couldn’t be more proud to be the longest running original show on YouTube Premium. Thank you to our amazing, dedicated fans, this season is for you!”
Season 4 has been revealed to be an All-Star Season, featuring YouTube stars like Colleen Ballinger, Justine Ezarik (better known as ijustine), Tana Mongeau, and Alex Wassabi.
Wassabi is a creator with over 11M subscribers who was featured on Season 2 of Escape the Night, but he tragically didn’t make it til the end.
But now, Alex is back for season 4, and we may already know his fate. Potential (but unconfirmed) spoilers ahead!



In her Instagram stories, fellow contestant Nikita Dragun posted a video on Alex’s birthday where she sings “You still didn’t win Escape the Night!”  to a mortified Alex.The video was posted in late March, and may have been right after Escape the Night was finished filming.
So is this a major spoiler? Some say yes, but a few speculate that Nikita was just referring back to season 2. Some have even suggested it could be a planted misdirection, to make Alex’s win more shocking.
Either way, looks like we’ll have to tune in to find out. Season 4 will premiere on July 11th on YouTube Premium.
So, do you think this is a spoiler? Who do you want to win? Let us know in the comments!
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