fans are wondering if this marks the end of the Sister Squad.

The Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain are releasing videos without James Charles, and fans are wondering if this marks the end of the Sister Squad.

James Charles is a 19 year old makeup guru who created the YouTube friend group he dubbed the Sister Squad, after he recruited the Dolan Twins and Emma Chaimberlain. Emma linked up with James Charles and the Dolan Twins to form the Squad after moving to LA.

The Sister Squad proceeded to make video hit…

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…after video hit…

…combining each of their large and devoted fandoms into a single super-fandom.

But in recent months, The group has been spotted hanging out without James Charles. And especially after his recent public beef with Tati Westbrook, James hasn’t appeared once in any of the group’s videos.

Some speculated that this was because James frequently flirted with Grayson, without Grayson returning affection, and that James was finally exposed for hitting on straight men. But James clarified: “Too bad that apart from our pre-planned collaborative jokes that happened in the Sister Squad videos of me and Grayson flirting, nothing ever happened between us and when all this went down I knew Jeffree was lying because the twins were two of the first people to call me and make sure I was okay.”

But this isn’t the first time rumors have surfaced about the Sister Squad breaking up. Emma decided to conduct a social media experiment, unfollowing all but 17 fan accounts… and the fandom exploded.

Emma eventually revealed the experiment and reassured everyone:

“A lot of people are concerned that I unfollowed my friends. Don’t worry. I still love every single one of my friends with my whole heart. There’s nothing — we’re good. With all of them. And that’s a genuine promise. … I’m just kind of doing a little social experiment for myself to see what it’s like to just only have my thoughts and not anything else.”

Still, especially with James deciding to take a break from posting videos after the drama with Tati…it would make sense that he opted out of the group’s videos at least for now.


But what do you think? Is the Sister Squad breaking up? Let us know in the comments section.

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