Dog Famous For Barking at Crocodiles Gets Eaten by Crocodile

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Warning to those who would be upset by one of the most upsetting concepts possible — a small dog at the Goat Island Lodge on the coast of Australia was barking at a small crocodile when the crocodile grabbed it and pulled it into the water. The dog’s name was Pippa, and the dog was famous all over the world over for running at massive crocodiles on the coast and barking at them until they go back into the water, despite its incredibly small size. The dog’s owner, Kai Hansen, said: “It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime”, although given how often the dog’s stunt went successfully, I imagine it came still as a tragic shock.

Here is the video below. Word of warning — it is not for the faint of heart as it shows a crocodile snapping its jaws onto a small dog and dragging it into the water as people look on in horror.

Kai Hansen lived in Australia with his celebrity dogs. One of the dogs, Hot Dog, was famous for singing along with the harmonica, and Pippa was known for running up to alligators and crocodiles and barking at them until they went back into the water. Although what happened now seems inevitable, it is, in fact, the result of the dog successfully doing this for a decade and being profiled and spotlighted for it, including this report from ABC from last year.

Also, for whatever its worth, the crocodile in the video’s name was Casey and he is credited in the older ABC article as Kai Hansen’s pet.


Hansen does not blame the alligator, saying: “She’s not doing something wrong, she’s just doing what crocs do”, and mentioning the crocodile would often try to bite him. It’s a very tragic and very odd tale. Remember to be careful around wild animals as they are often harder to control than we think.

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