Dog Wakes Up Woman With Knife Is Absolutely Horrifying

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Let’s get one thing out of the way: dogs don’t really need a knife to attack you. But if you wanted to observe something resembling a 1980’s slasher flick involving man’s best friend, well then, here you go. A dog wielding a knife approached this sleeping woman who reacted a lot differently than I would have to seeing an animal carrying a weapon towards her as she slept. The woman in question pulled out her phone and just began recording!

Now me? I would have already ran out of the house Looney Tunes style, leaving a massive trail of dust behind my person, only running back returning to grab my hat before speeding back, holding two full suitcases filled with everything I’ve ever owned. This woman however — oh, she loves it. Heck, the camera itself reveals something that others may have missed — the red eyes! Have you seen his crazy eyes!?

Sure, we may think of this dog as a very cute and very good dog, but there’s that questions, isn’t there. Chuckie was just a doll until he revealed he’s haunted and carried a knife. Cujo– well, I don’t know Cujo very well, but he was a scary dog, right? I’ll say this — if you’re going to be like the characters in Scream and not act as if you’re in a horror movie despite all obvious evidence that that is exactly what is happening to you, then I’m not sure what I can tell you. This entry is a warning, folks! A warning!

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What did you think of the horrifying dog video? Would you run so fast after seeing this in real life all the mailboxes would fly off from the ground? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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