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This may not be the most favorable comparison for the U.S. president

While most political content has been centered around the argument of whether the 2020 presidential election was corrupt or not, the ongoing investigation of Donald Trump’s tax crimes has inspired a comparison to trend on Twitter. Earlier today, Donald Trump was being compared to American gangster Al Capone for their similar tax crimes. Although, perhaps a more accurate description of the trending tweets would be contrasting Trump against Al Capone despite similar tax crimes. 

Al Capone

Al Capone, also known as Alphonse Gabriel Capone, was an American gangster and businessman in the 1920’s. Born to Italian parents in New York, he joined the Five Points Gang as a teenager. As a young adult he moved to Chicago to officially become the bodyguard for Johnny Torrio, at the time head of an illegal crime syndicate, “The Chicago Outfit.” The Italian-American group was in charge of illegally distributing alcohol during the time of prohibition. The group was also known for their bloody gang wars. When Torrio went into retirement after almost being killed by a rival gang gunman, Capone became the boss of the Outfit. Al Capone’s reign was cut short in 1931 though when he was convicted of income tax evasion. Since then, the Outfit was noted for being involved with crimes such as illegal gambling, prostitution, extortion, political corruption and murder. 

Donald Trump’s Tax Investigation 

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump’s tax write-offs are entangled in two New York fraud investigations. The Times reported that the Trump businesses are currently being investigated for both criminal and civil fraud. The incidents are being investigated separately, but most recently both have resulted in subpoenas to the Trump Organization. 

The news of the subpoenas comes after the exposure of how little Trump has paid in federal taxes. New York Times investigation examined two decades worth of Trump’s taxes to find that he pays little to no federal taxes because of his “chronic businesses losses.” The investigation also exposed the fact that Trump had reduced his taxable income by $26 million by writing off business expenses to unidentified consultants between the years 2010-2018. 

Further investigation made it apparent that one of those unidentified consultants was a company that was co-owned by his daughter, Ivanka Trump. 

Concerns were raised that Trump would not be held accountable for his tax evasions because of his status as President and the impending election. New York attorney Ms. James confirmed in an interview, “the outcome of the election will have no impact on our investigations…no one is above the law. We will just follow the facts and the evidence, wherever they lead us.” We have seen this to be the case, because despite the fact that Trump lost the election, the investigation continues.

While her father continues to tweet about a stolen election, Ivanka, daughter and senior advisor to the President, claims that the two fraud investigations are “100% motivated by politics, publicity and rage,” labeling the investigations as “harassment.”

Comparisons On Twitter

Despite Ivanka’s insistence that the investigation is harassment, Twitter is finding the humor within. With Donald Trump being under investigation for tax fraud, Twitter users have found themselves comparing the U.S. president to the gangster Al Capone. This might not be the most favorable person to be compared to, as a President, but at least Al Capone was cool, right? But one Twitter user doesn’t think Trump is cool enough to be compared to the gangster at all. 

This Twitter user states that the two couldn’t be less alike, but settles on the fact that both their lives of crime might end up being taken down by the same thing, tax evasion. That was kind of the main point most people came to the conclusion of as well. 

Another Twitter user didn’t spend too much time comparing the two, but instead focused on his astonishment over the fact that people were unaware that Trump was still being investigated for tax evasion. In the people’s defense, the tax news DID break back in September. So much has happened since then with Trump! 

Others focused their attention on the numbers.

And of course, we must give credit where credit is due. We have to hand it to some people’s humor and clever photoshopping skills. 


But the funny thing is, despite the similarities being drawn between the two, if Al Capone was still alive today, he probably would not have voted for Trump. At least that’s what this user hypothesizes. 

So in summary, the American people tried their best to compare Donald Trump to the famous gangster, but it just isn’t strong enough to stick. Or is it? We will let you be the judge. Twitter is sure to report with tweets just as humorous when Trump’s tax investigation is complete.