Dwayne Johnson Makes Make A Wish Come True on Jungle Cruise Set

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Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson is known for his amazing acting roles, insane muscles and most importantly, for being a very kind-hearted man. From pictures of him cradling his new-born, to inspirational messages that he tells his daughter every day, he really is Hollywood’s Hero.

Johnson posted a few videos to his Instagram over the weekend, which showed him participating in a ‘Make-A-Wish’ Day, which had been organised with the foundation. Johnson apparently organises this event every year, so that terminally ill children are able to meet the favourite action star, The Rock. Our eyes are tearing up at how beautiful this story is. Especially in a world where so many celebrities only ever have time for themselves, it is nice to see someone as popular as Johnson take some time out to be with those who love him the most.

Even though Johnson has been in countless movies and is probably one of the most popular actors on the planet, he described these events as the ‘best part of fame’ as it is his chance to give back to those who got him where he is today.


Not only did these amazing children get to meet the man himself, but they also got an exclusive tour around the set of Johnson’s latest movie, ‘Jungle Cruise.’ As the room was filled with candy and other tasty treats, games and many happy faces, the thing that topped this all off, was that The Rock showed up in his ‘Jungle Cruise’  costume, giving everybody a sneak peek at his one-man show version of the film.

As the day came to end, Johnson couldn’t let his beloved fans go without some memorabilia and gifts. Each child got a gift bag which was filled with cinema tickets, gaming passes, Disney goodies and the best gift of all, a special edition Jungle Cruise X-Box One. Wow, that’s way better than any gift bags I’ve given out.


Even though this story has made us shed a few tears, the line that made us bawl our eyes out, is when one child said, “I thought we just looked up to him, but I guess he looks up to us too.” Wow, I need some more tissues.

Do you think The Rock is the sweetest celebrity in Hollywood? Do you reckon this is a day they’ll never forget? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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