E3 Celebrates All Things Skyrim With Sketch Starring Keegan-Michael Key

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Bethesda celebrated its unbelievable success of Skyrim with a new ad showing “Key and Peele” co-creator Keegan-Michael Key doing his best to play the epic RPG on Alexa, a refrigerator, and an Etch A Sketch. I’m not sure what the point of this specific Skyrim ad is, but it sure was fun. Maybe it was to remind ourselves of all of the excellent ways you can play Skyrim, inspiring you to buy it for your video game system of choice!

For those of you not in the know, Skyrim is an epic open-world game that, if I am correct in my reading of it, lasts several years worth of gameplay (or something of that sort). It’s an epic fantasy action RPG where you will find life, action, and love.

I don’t know, I’m more of a Zelda man, myself. I don’t want to brag too much, but I just beat that fiery rock monster thing near Goron City. Yeah, I used all my ice arrows taking him down too. Pretty epic!

Anyway, the commercial feels kind of like a victory lap, with a reminder to the audience being a sly: “You can play Skyrim on so many platforms”. And, hey! It’s working on me. I haven’t played Skyrim yet!

Honestly, the best part is just seeing Keegan-Michael Key back in the role I loved him in the most; a hapless straight man trying to do his best as the world is annoyed with him. Get Jordan Peele out of that director’s chair so he can play Alexa, and folks, we are set!

All of this was followed with Bethesda announcing a new Elder Scrolls game (Elder Scrolls VI), aka a sequel to Skyrim with a 36-second teaser, so you know… something for everyone. Except me, the Zelda fan! I need more updates, please. I have more fiery rock monsters to beat!



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