Elon Musk Unfollows Grimes on Twitter: Is It Over?

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Elon Musk used to garner the headlines of a Howard Hughes in his early days — brash! Exciting! Inventive! Now he seems to be garnering the kinds of headlines Howard Hughes was getting near the end of his years — when he was collecting his urine in jars and buying entire television stations to play the movies he wanted to see: most of us are wondering what’s going on. Elon Musk has recently called the man who rescued the children in the Thai cave a pedophile, shorted his own stock to make a 420 joke, and, if you believe the account by Azealia Banks, is a threesome human mutant who Tweets under the influence of drugs. Well, now he might be a single 420 joke maker, after Business Insider noticed that Elon Musk unfollowed his girlfriend Grimes on Twitter.

The pairing between Grimes and Elon Musk has been a headline grabbing oddity, as the goth inspired pop star dated a car manufacturer who follows the official South Park Twitter account. Now it may be coming to an end. Musk has unfollowed Grimes on Twitter (the very same Twitter where Elon Musk seems to telegraph the rest of his poor choice) and on Instagram the duo has unfollowed each other. Now, it’s not like social media follows and unfollows are the main sign in a relationship deteriorating, but this message from Elon Musk’s official spokespeople didn’t build confidence. According to Business Insider:

It’s unclear whether the pair remains a couple. A spokesman for Musk declined to comment, and a representative for Grimes did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Yeah, it certainly sounds like a situation a little more complicated than yes or no. I’m sure Musk’s next weird Twitter stream will help clear things up.

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