Star Wars fans are quickly winning a very terrible contest for the most toxic fanbase, as fans try to raise $200 million to remake The Last Jedi (despite not owning the rights to the franchise, and also none of their investors have to give them real money). It is a lot.

At some point, we have to redefine what a ‘fan’ is, right? It’s certainly not someone who liked the damn thing if the reactions of said ‘fans’ who hated The Last Jedi are to be believed. You know, those same fans who loved the movie so much they drove one of its stars, Kelly Marie Tran, off of Instagram? They seem like they really adore this thing they want to destroy the players of. Well, apparently, even toxic fans have a few people who want to build, not destroy, amongst them, as a Twitter account popped up with one goal; to find the money to remake The Last Jedi… the way the ‘fans’ like it!

Now, one of the amazing things about this dumb fundraiser where they want to remake a movie they don’t even have the rights to, and promising to please all the fans, as if that’s what art should be and as if millions of people could reach a consensus, is that they won’t take any credit card numbers. So, the amount of money raised for this movie is all theoretical, but I will have you know, it raised $33 million theoretical dollars! Wow.

Now, some have… rightfully mocked this extremely stupid thing. Most notably, Seth Rogen, who pointed out there are no real investors in this thing, and they don’t own the rights. Why not make an actual real movie?

Meanwhile, Rian Johnson, director of the original Last Jedi, had quite a lovely response of his own.

Meanwhile, if you head over to @RMTheLastJedi, you will be treated to a series of long rants about how Star Wars isΒ really for the adults, and despite The Last Jedi grossing one billion dollars internationally, no one likes the new Star Wars. Like Gotti before it, they claim the reviewers have it all wrong because they don’t share their opinion. Anyway, let’s just go to a bunch of people on Twitter making fun of them now.

What do you think is going to happen when they realize no one is going to give them the money? And, that maybe if they can’t even properly raise money, they maybe should start with something smaller than remaking all of Star Wars? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.